Wednesday, July 18, 2012

What about colors?

The Sweetest Thing: Pastel Pink
The key is delivered to the softest and romantic tones.

Pantone Empolvado: SpringfieldPantone Empolvado: MalababaPantone Empolvado: Mango Pantone Empolvado: Cristina Zazo
A ray of sunshine: Yellow
The color of joy has entered fully into the season. Acid yellow, ice, lemon and a whole chromatic scale.

Un rayo de Sol: Uterqüe
Un rayo de Sol: Mellow Yellow

MangoUn rayo de Sol: River Island

An unexpected couple:
Colors up! Pink and red dethrone the binomial created by white and black.

Shopping rosa mas rojoShopping rosa mas rojo
Shopping rosa mas rojoShopping rosa mas rojoShopping rosa mas rojo


  1. oooooh!!!! I love yellow shorts!

  2. Me too, and the good thing is that yellow makes you look more tanned. ;)